Mola-Mola Makua and Kaluga

Specialist UK Distributor Sound Design Distribution Ltd has signed a UK distribution deal with the highly esoteric Mola-Mola hi-fi separates brand. Mola-Mola is the brainchild of Bruno Putzeys, the wunderkind of Class-D technology, originator of Universal class-D (UcD) in 2001 while at Phillips and as chief tech guru at Hypex, responsible for the development of its game-changing NCore Class-D amplifier technology. Presented in strikingly distinctive rippled all-aluminium enclosures (imagine the swelling ocean) the ‘Makua’ Control Amplifier, complete with modular DAC and phono options, and ‘Kaluga’ Monoblock power amplifiers will be the first Mola-Mola designs to be made available to UK audiophiles through Sound Design Distribution Ltd.


Typical retail prices (inc VAT): Makua - £7,299; Kaluga (each) - £4,999; DAC board for Makua - £3,999; Phono stage for Makua - £1,699


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