Falcon Acoustics R.A.M. series speakers

The most quintessential of British speaker brands, Falcon offers dedicated audio purists a fabulous mix of the most revered and modern speaker designs, hand-building the world-famous LS3/5a monitor exclusively to the original BBC spec alongside its new Reference Audio Monitor (R.A.M.) range. There are three R.A.M. models: the Studio 10, a 5” 2-way bookshelf; the Studio 20, a 6” 2-way bookshelf, and the Studio 30, a 3-way floorstander. Finishes include Walnut, High Gloss Black or Burr Walnut real-wood veneers complete with man-made leather baffles.


Typical retail prices (inc VAT) in standard European Walnut pairs: Studio 10 £1395.00; Studio 20 £1995.00; Studio 30 £3495.00


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